iPowerBuddy Instructions – How To Charge iPowerBuddy

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How To Use iPowerBuddy Portable Charger

1) Plug in the micro USB lead supplied to iPowerBuddy ,The smaller end
into the port above the flashlight and the other (USB) end into your
2) Charge iPowerBuddy for 10 hours uninterrupted the first time.
3) Once iPowerBuddy is fully charged and shows 100% on the display its
ready to use .Plug your lightening cable into both your phone and
iPowerBuddy using the 5V/1A port for phones and the 5V/2.1A port for Ipad
or tablets.
4) Now press the on/off button by the LCD display and charging will start.

Its as simple as that !

We are here to help so if you have any issues, questions about your
purchase please feel free to email me here and I will endeavor to answer
you within 12 to 24hrs.


Here are some FAQ’s On how To Use iPowerBuddy



My iPowerBuddy had 67% charge when it came out of the box, can I use it before charging?

Answer: You really should give it a full 10 hours of charge using the micro USB lead supplied and your own AC adapter to fully charge the unit before attempting to use.


How do I turn on the flashlight?

Answer: Simply press the “on” button twice in quick succession to turn it on and repeat this to turn it off again


I used it on my iPhone and only got 2 charges, what gives?

Answer: For best results your phone should not be in use when charging as this drains iPowerBuddy’s battery a lot faster. In tests we conducted we were able to get 5 full charges from iPowerBuddy to an iPhone 5 but only 2.5 to 3 when the phone was being used for emails, texting and other things whilst charging with iPowerBuddy. Also having multiple apps running in the background makes your phone will use more battery so this can also explain why you may get a lesser number of charges than the next person , every person uses their phone differently so power resources also differs between users .


Are there any coupons or promos for iPowerBuddy coming up?

Answer: Yes, the latest deal is coming out shortly and will emailed out to you.


Which port should I use for charging my phone and which should I use for my ipad or tablet?

Answer: the output port marked 5V/1A is primarily for phones and the outlet port marked with 5V/2.1A is designed for iPad or tablet charging. It does work with your phone and will charge the phone a lot faster but it will also mean your phones battery will drain a lot faster .


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