LeadBuddy Duo Reviews

LeadBuddy Duo Reviews

Below are some of the reviews we have received for the LeadBuddy Duo Lightning Cable Amazon, Dual iPhone Or Android cable

5.0 out of 5 stars High quality/Top notch cable.
on May 5, 2016

I purchased this cable for the specific purpose of accompanying my portable charger. I use Android while my wife is a iPhone user so needless to say when we’re out and about I don’t prefer carrying multiple cables with the portable charger and those little converter things are prone to getting lost (happens constantly). This cable is the best of both worlds.

The build quality:

The cable itself is braided, but it’s not one of those cheaper feeling loose braid cables, so far no frying and it’s been traveling in bags (purses, diaper, laptop, etc). It’s holding up well. It’s stiffer than I’d like it to be for a portable purpose cable but perhaps it’ll loosen up over time, this isn’t a knock on it however.

The connectors are top notch, I mean top. Probably one of the best I’ve ever owned. The fact that it has connector covers (silicone) is very convenient for me (travel again).

There’s only 2 downsides so far for me but it’s extremely particular to my specific needs and won’t hinder most people:
1. The microUSB connector is pretty wide and doesn’t fit with my phone case on, I have to remove the case to get it on, minor inconvenience.
2. There’s a “power” led on the connector side, I don’t see the point of this feature. When I’m plugged into a wall charger this isn’t an issue, however when I’m on my portable charger I have to be mindful to remove the cable from the charger or it’ll leech power from the battery. Another minor inconvenience/annoyance as I’d like to keep the cable plugged into the charger to reduce the chances of the two getting separated. I received this item at a discount.

5.0 out of 5 stars Really classy, super cool duo charging cable
on March 24, 2016

I’ve been looking for a cable like this for a long time. With third party cables, it’s always a toss up, but the LeadBuddy is the real deal.

The packaging is nice and no hassle to open. The cable has really useful, soft silicone covers at both ends to protect the connections when you have it unplugged, and a silicone cable tie in the middle. Despite being soft, however, the silicone is sturdy and I don’t feel worried about accidentally tearing one of the covers or the tie. The cable itself is gold braided to match the reflective gold connections on both ends–super classy and definitely an eye-catcher!

While the design and look are great, what makes this cable my new favorite is the “duo” part. The lightning connection at the end is actually just an adapter for a micro-USB connection that plugs into it very neatly and securely below. If you need to charge something that uses micro-USB, it’s super easy to unplug from the lightning adapter and use right away. The lightning adapter simply slides down and you can fasten it fully to the cable to keep it out of the way (see photo). This makes it a great accessory to bring along on trips or anywhere you’d normally need both cables!

I tested the LeadBuddy with a volt meter for conductivity and afterwards matched it up against my Apple brand charging cable to compare. Firstly, it has a very strong connection and high conductivity, so they definitely made sure the quality wasn’t just on the outside. In the test against the Apple cable, they both charged my iPad Pro in the same amount of time. I have to say, that is rare with third party cables so I’m incredibly pleased.

Overall, I highly recommend this cable to anyone looking to not only save some money over name-brand, but looking for an upgrade as well.

**For an honest review of this product, I received it at a discount from the manufacturer.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect dual charger
on March 22, 2016
This is the perfect charger for those families that travel and have different devices. I have an iPhone 6s Plus but my son has a phone that takes another charger. So this works great instead of having multiple chargers laying around the car. We can take turns as needed just using this one. It is built well, built to last. It’s very durable. It has covers for the ends and even a strap to use to fold up when not in use. This is now the only charger in my car. We travel a lot with my husbands job so this has been great keeping my car clutter free from wires everywhere. It’s braided cord so it will not get a short I have had many chargers get shorts really easy due to moving them around a lot and them getting bent. I got this product at a discount for my honest unbiased opinion.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Well designed product – not obvious if it is MFI compliant thought it seems to work well
on April 1, 2016

I was very impressed with the quality of this cable so far. The connectors seem to be well made. The cable feels sturdy. I like that there is the micro-usb connection and the lightning connector. This allows for you to charge multiple devices with one cable. Not at the same time but at least you don’t have to have two cables out.

We will be using this to charge an iPad and a bluetooth keyboard. This will reduce clutter in the office where we use them.

Another really nice feature is the light that shows there is power. I have used it to charge an iPhone from a battery pack and then charged the battery pack with the micro-usb connection. So the power works. I have not used it to transfer data as of yet.

The caps on the ends are very nice especially if you carried it around with you in a backpack or purse. The cord management is well thought out on this product. There is a tie to keep the cable wrapped. The adapter also has a notch so that as you slide it back to use the micro-usb you can attach it to the cable and it doesn’t flop around. When you need the lightning connector you unclip it and slide it forward.

The connectors seem sturdy and made from aluminum as they state. The gold plating was a little rough. I’d say the picture is accurate in that the outside of the USB connector is not smoothly polished. I don’t think this make any difference but it is worth noting.

The thing that I was a little wary about is that the description says MFI compliant but it is not listed anywhere on the box. I will continue to test it and change my review if any issues but I feel like this is a great product and I would definitely buy it again. Especially if on sale or discount.

I Purchased this as a charger for my android and because I thought that when it said lightening charge it was going to charge my phone fast. Honestly this charges at the same rate as most other USB chargers I have owned and I see no real reason for the word lightening. Now other than this this is a really high quality cord and is made to last.

Rather than having a pigtail with mulitple adapters it uses one that easily plugs into the other. The Micro USB plugs into the Apple Charger End and can be removed easily. In addition it made so that the pieces do not come off so they will never get lost. This product also includes a very nice braided cord and silicon covers to protect the ends of the cable. Another nice feature is the built in strap to allow you to fold up the cable and easily strap it together for travel or storage.

I was very impressed with the over all quality of this charger and the connections are really solid. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality charger and to anyone who wants ease of use on multiple devices.

I have included numerous pictures to show the ends, the silicon covers, the strap, the total length and the braided cord.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is interested in purchasing this item.

I did receive this product at a discount to give an honest review. The only thing stopping a 5 star rating is the work Lightning as it could lead someone to believe this is a fast charger.

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4.0 out of 5 stars It looks great and functions properly but I have had a couple …
on August 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
Purchased this as I figured that I would keep it in my truck to charge different devices of my own or so that friends and family could use it to charge their phones regardless of what brand they had. It looks great and functions properly but I have had a couple occasions where the micro USB plug wasn’t fully seated into the lightning connector so my phone wasn’t charging when I thought that it was. This is obviously an oversight on my part and was more an issue with the fact that I was driving so my focus was on the road and not on whether or not my phone was charging. I have since replaced this with a cable that has magnetic tips that can be left in my devices and universally connected to the cable. This cable is still one that I throw in my pack when hiking or camping with a backup battery so that I can charge different devices depending on what the situation needs – though truthfully doesn’t get used much anymore as I don’t use electronic devices in these situations often but for what its worth this does still mean that I do trust it if it were needed in an emergency when out in the middle of nowhere.
5.0 out of 5 starsThis has been super handy as I travel a lot but don’t want …
on August 30, 2016
This has been super handy as I travel a lot but don’t want to carry a bunch of chargers with me. It’s been on three trips already (and pretty much daily use in between) and it still feels super sturdy. It’s especially useful for the extra battery pack for my phone because now I only need one cable to charge the pack and then my phone. The only thing I’ve found is that it works well when using between battery pack/phone or when plugged directly into a wall outlet but for some reason mine charges extra slow when the wall plug is connected to a power strip or extension cord? Not really sure why, but it doesn’t impact me too much so I don’t mind.
5.0 out of 5 starsA cool and strangely pretty cable
on March 26, 2016
This cable really surprised me. It’s pretty. It may be the world’s only pretty charging cable.
I misunderstood the product slightly when I chose it. It will not charge 2 different items at once which is what I thought. It will convert from one type of cable to the other using a cap.
I love the caps over the cable ends to keep them perfect while traveling.
Overall, very happy with this cable.